Jana M.

132 mm
56 mm
18 g
21 mm
145 mm
Jana M.
Frame color: Graphite (en)
Lens color: RX-Clear (en)
Temple color: Graphite (en)
Clamps: Graphite (en)
Graphite Edition by Markus Moser, Distributor to Switzerland and ic! berliner since 1999
Every great idea starts as a sketch, but some sketches are great ideas in and of themselves.
The Graphite Edition by Markus Moser is a sketch of big things to come. Five models, one colour; the colour of sketches, the colour of ideas, the colour of beginnings: graphite.
It was on an equally grey and rainy London morning in 1999 that Ralph first met Markus. A shared love for screwlessness and Nonino grappa paved the way for one of ic! berlin’s longest-running partnerships, “A true Swiss friendship that does not rust – just like our glasses”. 
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