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Company Tours

**WINTERPAUSE** Due to our relocation in December we will be unable to offer any tours during the Winter of 2016-17. We will be back in Spring to show you around our massive new Headquarters and Produktion Haus - bigger and and more Berlinier than ever!


Come see how miracles are made every day at ic! berlin. We offer (free!) guided tours of our Produktion Haus in the heart of Berlin for students, opticians, artists, butlers, Chancellors; anyone who wants to see what “Made in Germany” truly means. Come alone, in a group, with your best friend, or make a new best friend!

Starting on our rooftop terrace you can enjoy the stunning panoramic view of Berlin as we tell you the story of how ic! berlin came to be. Guided by a real ic! berliner you’ll get to explore every nook and cranny of our operation and discover the source of our distinctive Berlin style.

Experience the ic! berlin process, from initial design sketches and paper prototypes to the final product ready to be shipped around the world. We’ll take you to our hallowed piano room where the ic! berlin choir meets every Monday morning, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet our mascot and CEO Ralph Anderl.

Then it’s downstairs to our Produktion Haus, where you’ll get to see our babies as they grow in the womb:

  1. Development process: laser cutting, 3D printer, reshaping of metal parts, coating, tumbling

  2. Laser marking

  3. Assembly

  4. Quality control, quality control, quality control, quality control
  5. Lens cutting


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Paul Klimek