Meet Ralph wearing Ralphi
Meet Ralph wearing Ralphi

Meet Ralph wearing Ralphi

Meet Ralph wearing Ralphi



Name: Ralph Anderl
Position: Worldwide Sheetmetalglassessalesman
ic! berliner since: Day 1


Where did you grow up? When and why did you move to Berlin?

Oldenburg! I was born there too. For two brief years I lived in Dämme, which is where Chicken McNugget chickens come from. There were also a lot of low-flying jet fighters in the area, which combined with the chickens made it a very, very noisy place to be. Oldenburg, on the other hand, is quiet and idyllic – everyone rides a bicycle and everything moves a few notches slower than it does in Berlin. It was a wonderful place to grow up.

When did I come to Berlin? The first time was in 1988. I was working in an ice cream shop in Oldenburg that was run by a Berliner. After the season was over he took me to Berlin and showed me the city – it was love at first sight. Shortly after I started my studies in Hildesheim, but after 5 semesters I was back in Berlin.


What were you doing before you came to ic! berlin?

I worked at Bar jeder Vernunft, distributed Flyers and also had a stint in a PR agency. But actually, the plan was that my wife would go earn the money and I would stay home and raise the kids, write books and read.


What makes Berlin special to you?

Its openness and recklessness.



What series are you currently binge-watching?

Breaking Bad.


Popcorn: sweet or salty?



What is your favourite ice cream or ice-cream shop?



What is the most recently played song on your iPod/phone/Spotify/other?

The Weihnachtsoratorium by J. S. Bach.


What is your favourite word?

Kackmist (a compound curse word which translates to crap-damn).


What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Never lie or eat too much, or both.